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Great value for your dollar. These web sites offer quite a few options and ways to display your business. Offering multiple pages and sections with lots of information, photos and content. If you need a site that displays lots of information, these packages can do it at a very resonable cost.

The examples you can view via the links to the right are pre-packaged concepts. Styles vary and periodically I will add new designs to the offerings. Also, there are standard costs and options and standard costs for adding elements beyond the basic package if you need a little more. Visit the various styles offered for details.

Good Value Package Costs: Varies.
Visit the samples to the right. The packages available vary in styles and options and thus cost.
All package costs do not include hosting or domains (see note below).

All of your site's content will be provided to me by you. The text is determined by you. You note which lines you want larger and which lines you want smaller. You provide photos, art and logos as per your choice of package and the amount you want in your site. You can email your content to me or regular mail it to me (see contact page). After completion of your initial site, any and all changes to your information in the future will be at additional cost. Minor changes start at $5.00-10.00 and proceeds upward depending upon the extent of your desired changes.

jtac makes the pages for you. You will need to have a "host". Some place for the page to reside and be seen by the world. You may have a host already or you can arrange space through local or national internet hosting companies (price varies from free to expensive). Once you have the "host", you provide me with the information and methods to transfer your "site" to the host or you can do it yourself. Also, if you desire to have a domain name (, that must be arranged by you or your host also.

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