The true test of a web designer is the sites he or she makes. Below are links to examples of my work which were designs I liked, but the sites are no longer on the internet. This happens for many reasons. The company is out of business, the web site has been remade, others I don't even know why - ????? ?????. Often, I am contracted to design a site and that is the end of the relationship. It is not my place to know the inner workings and concerns of the business other than provide them with a web site as they desire.

This site was FUN!. A web designers dream here. I was hired to make all kinds of wierd and unusual things and layouts for a teen TV program. Alas, TV programs don't last too many years and the site no longer exists (except right here).

This site was quite popular years ago and I have always liked it also. Nice bright sight with lots of really good information. Dig into this one - it goes deep - tons of pages. Was removed from public view due to the inexpensive nature of travel to costa rice. The company could not make much profit on the results of the site.

This was a travel guide site. Have always liked the design but the area did not allow the travel company to make much money on the bookings so it was pulled off the internet.

Largo Florida city government site. A wonderful project and opportunity I had years ago. Site is no longer using my design but I have recreated the upper levels here. Not such a grand graphic web site feat by todays' standards, but at the time the City and I liked it very much. Live 1997-1999. Was designed to be maintained by city after I produced it. For two years I maintained it as they could never get internal updating methods going. Finally, I requested to be relieved of duties with the city as long term maintenance bores me - I thrive on design and creativity. There were no hard feelings, just was time to move on.