The presentation folder cover pictured below was produced as a 4-color process, 1-sided full bleed on glossy stock. The logo type was created in Adobe Illustrator and then imported into Adobe Photoshop. The photograph was a stock photo which had do be worked a lot in Adobe Photoshop. To get the look the client wanted we needed to clone a small section of the original background into the entire background while maintaining a natural look. The photo also lacked the depth of bird we desired in the layout. The bottom one third of the bird is clone work - Also all edges of the bird against the background received heavy Photoshop manipulation to reach the end result you see here. The end product was a 9 x 12 presentation folder with flaps on both sides, one of which held a business card. Inside were about a dozen four color inserts as well as black and white and spot color information sheets. All the inserts, business cards and the presentation folder were graphically coordinated and produced in harmony.